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Considerate Quincy bank robber pulls mask over nose before going up to teller

Quincy bank robber sought

He walks in, writes a demand note, then pulls his mask up before going up to a teller.

The FBI has released photos of a man who held up the TD Bank branch at 323 Hancock St. in Quincy yesterday.

The images show the man walking into the bank improperly wearing a mask and continuing to do so as he writes out a demand note, but then properly covering his nose before he goes up to a teller with a notes saying he has a gun and wants money, around 10:50 a.m.

The FBI says he got $380 and then "turned left out of the bank onto Hancock St, and left onto West Squantum St towards the vicinity of the North Quincy MBTA station."

If he looks familiar, contact the FBI at 857-386-2384.

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Even bank robbers will refuse to wear a mask properly.

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I'll wager anyone it was the only time he decided to wear mask properly. This morning I got on the train at Forest Hills and of course there was a massless screamer calling everyone "bitch" . This guy is probably part of that population when he can"t score his shit.

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It’s pretty easy to Rob a bank in Boston is what I’ve gathered

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But, this bank was in Quincy.

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To rob a bank anywhere - tellers are trained now to just hand over the money and leave it for the police to handle. The thing is you won’t get much (a few hundred isn’t really worth committing a felony for) and it’s much harder to get away with it long term.

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