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Construction of Boston's newest hospital now underway

South Boston convention center being converted into a 1,000-bed hospital

Ralph Gaskell of Jamaica Plain is one of the workers building out a 1,000-bed field hospital inside the South Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The WTFDIC Hour posts a couple of his photos of the emerging hospital, which will be used, if needed, for recovering Covid-19 patients who still need care, just no longer to the level they would get in one of Boston's more permanent hospitals.


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And who will take care of these people? Medical and nursing staff is already stretched thin. Maybe furloughed out patient clinical staff? Let's think outside the box as we are all in this together. Ideas, people!

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That’s exactly who will help staff it, along with volunteers who had retired from clinical duties and reactivated their licenses. Maybe even dentists and pharmacists, some of whom have also been furloughed.

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Partners Healthcare is running the operation and is seeking staff for it: https://www.partners.org/careers/boston-hope.aspx

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