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Convicted sex offender charged with using hunting knife to try to hold up two teens at Quincy Center T stop

Vernard Shepard

Transit Police report arresting Vernard Shepard, 31, on charges he threatened two juveniles with a double-sided hunting knife after they refused his request for money at the Quincy Center T station around 7:10 p.m. on Friday.

According to police:

When the juvenile victims refused Shepard removed a large hunting knife held it in a threatening manner and demanded money. The victims fled and flagged down help.

Shepard, listed as homeless, was arrested for attempted armed robbery and possession of a dangerous weapon, police say.

The state lists Shepard as a Level 3 sex offender because of his conviction for an attack at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2010. According to an account by the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, he knocked on the door of a college computer lab and when a student let him in:

Shepard took a seat at the computer next to the victim. He then left the room and returned a short time later, knocking on the door again to be let in. After the victim opened the door and sat down, Walton told the court, Shepard allegedly approached the victim from behind and strangled her with a cloth, punched her and attempted to sexually assault her. The victim was able to break free after a struggle with the suspect, and he fled the area.

Innocent, etc.

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