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Copterpalooza 2020

Two miltary Black Hawk helicopters were set to fly along the Marathon route starting at 10 a.m. in Hopkinton this morning. Local news copters circled the Common awaiting the military copters.

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Definitely not your garden variety news helicopter.

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Shook my chair in Cleveland Circle!

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Q Question for you. How do you know it wasn't Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton flying those choppers?????

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C'mon, you know they're not up to it, what with the adrenochrome shortage and all.

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What the world can find money for and what it can't.

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They noticed that as they went over Kenmore Square that a Kenyan Air Force chopper was already on the ground at Copley.

If anyone sat through Space Force, the line about the rocket blowing up costing 4 middle schools is apt with this idiotic government stunt.

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turn feral if they are denied regular opportunities to generate paranoia in the populace. They start to prey on Canada Geese, regarding them as foreign interlopers. And if the great but passive Goose Force ever shrugs off its docility, and joins forces with the radicals of the TLA, we are all doomed.

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Why are 2 military helicopters set to fly along the Marathon route?

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Who would normally be lining the Marathon route, they say.

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to have a flagrant show of military (federal) equipment at this time, when this country wastes so much on military spending that could go to healthcare.

Maybe instead of "honoring" healthcare workers we could actually support them materially.

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But it turns out a lot of these flight groups have minimum flight hours for their pilots, and without their normal domestic missions and airshows, which have mostly been canceled by the pandemic, they have nowhere to go. They still have the same quota of flight hours to meet, so they are coming up with alternate ways to meet them.

If they did not fly these show missions, they would have to fly random loops around the country to meet their hours, and that would probably annoy the people who live near Air Force bases and trigger a bunch of conspiracy theories on Twitter.

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Those of us who live near Air Force bases are used to being annoyed constantly by it. These planes still have to take off and land, after all.

I understand completely needing to get your hours in, but continuing to frame these flights as honoring the people who have not been supported by our government throughout this crisis is ridiculous and frankly mocking.

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