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Coronavirus cases have jumped 150% so far this month

Massachusetts today reported 2,841 new Covid-19 cases, another fall record and a 150% increase in daily case numbers since Nov. 1, when the state reported 1,139 new cases.

Although it was not reported at the time, Massachusetts actually broke 3,000 daily cases on Nov. 9 with 3,049 - daily case numbers can be backdated as new reports come in. That's higher than the highest daily number back in the first surge in April.

The state also reported 705 people are in the hospital with Covid-19, a 50% increase from Nov. 1 - which, unlike case totals, does not approach the numbers seen in April, nearly 4,000 at its highest peak.

Some 27 deaths were reported today.

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Not sure when it first showed up but I do appreciate the data on page 4 of the daily dashboard now, which breaks down positivity rate 3 different ways: statewide including the higher ed testing data, higher ed testing data only, and statewide without the higher ed testing.

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The commonwealth needs to go full lockdown and shut down the airports,the MBTA, all major seaports till January.

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