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Coronavirus cancels MCAS

WBUR reports.

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It's a good start, but until they grant a waiver to graduating seniors I won't rest easy. I've seen some of my students take it 6 times now. Kills me.

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This doesn't come as a surprise to anybody in education because the testing dates have already passed!

I'm sorry but it's disgusting how the Boston Teachers Union twisted this issue to take advantage of the crisis. They made it sound like the Legislature and DESE were refusing to cancel the MCAS this year when the BTU was actually fighting to cancel the MCAS for future years.

This pandemic will end someday and we're going to need to asses the damage that was done to our education system. Stop trying cancel the MCAS because you're afraid of accountability.

Unions need to stand up for the good teachers and stop trying to protect the bad ones. They give all of us a bad reputation.

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Cite your sources, anonymous poster.

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In this time of crisis no teacher would be attacking another teacher and especially not any teacher in favor of canceling MCAS this year. Teachers and their unions are doing great work during these times.

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What an odd and unsubstantiated accusation. (It’s no surprise considering we all know who “anon” is in this post).

The BTU does now and always has opposed the MCAS as a one-size-fits-all measuring stick for schools. The BTU - in partnership with the BPS - has from day one of the Great Quarantine delivered food, delivered chromebooks, and supports rent relief. I beg someone to offer ANY evidence that the teachers are “twisting” this crisis to fit a political agenda.

Did the BTU call for a cancellation of this year’s MCAS? You betcha. Proudly. To insinuate otherwise or to ascribe sinister motives is both juvenile and demonstrably false.

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if schools are closed.

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Now, if they would only do something about that pesky Latin School test.

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