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Coronavirus forces postponement of annual AIDS walk

AIDS Action has announced it's putting off its annual AIDS Walk and Run, originally scheduled for June 7, until sometime in the fall because of Covid-19 concerns.




After all, the AIDS walk is to raise money for work on a disease that caused a major epidemic a few decades ago. Those of us who lived through it and research it understand the importance of controlling epidemics.

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At the time, we did not know the infectious agent. We did not know who could and who could not get it. There was no treatment, and it developed into fatal things like cancers and PCP.

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It was scarier if you got AIDS, but for a long time people who weren't gay men weren't scared about it and therefore it wasn't political suicide for Reagan et al. to basically ignore it. For one group of people it was scary as hell and a death sentence. It took a long time for too much of the rest of the population to understand that this was a crisis that could affect them and those they loved.

I remember how scary it was - I had graduated college when we first started hearing about AIDS and I lost friends to it. I now work in HIV/AIDS clinical trials and can't get used to all my younger co-workers for whom it's just another chronic disease.

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