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Coronavirus kills a part of the West Roxbury funway

David Ertishek reports Kids Fun Stop in West Roxbury is shutting down for good due to Covid-19 - and will be selling off its stuff starting Wednesday.

On its Web site, the couple that owns the indoor play space writes:

Hello KFS families - When we first closed Kids Fun Stop because of coronavirus we thought it would be closed for a few weeks. But that closure has become four months, with no end in sight.

Because of that and the myriad unknowns surrounding Covid-19, Marcus and I have made the heartbreaking decision to close KFS. There are just too many questions at this point, and we are not in a position to continue to accumulate debt on the hope that things get back to something approximating normal and/or there's a vaccine.

And let's be honest: asking small children to keep socially distant from each other - and more importantly adults is impossible!

This, obviously, is not at all what we envisioned when we took over as owners - who could have predicted a pandemic?!?

We have loved seeing your kiddos at KFS and getting to know many of you as well.

Kids Fun Stop is on that stretch of road that many people think is Dedham but is really West Roxbury that includes several fast-food outlets, a laser-tag place - which also remains shut - a sex-toy store, a liquor store and a smoke shop, all just past the self-storage place on the Dedham side of the line.

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This is heartbreaking. These are good people and we love KFS. I dread not having other indoor play spaces come winter when we can't really go to the snow and ice covered playgrounds.

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A newly published study in Lancet found that children, including infants, generally have mild symptoms of COVID-19, and even those who develop the disease severely enough to warrant intensive care unit admission are unlikely to die. -- ABC News June 25, 2020

Hopefully, these children are aware of the comforting Lancet study not just the scare tactics of the "adults" involved.

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Do you really not understand that children can SPREAD COVID-19 to others?

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Despite ongoing contact tracing, independently studies by The WHO, China, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, and Italy could not document a case of a child spreading to an adult. Sounds like the thumbs up fall into the "fooled adults" category

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Children can spread it to other children, and children can suffer dire consequences from the virus. Yes, they are less likely to do so than adults, but that doesn't mean kids have no risks:

COVID-19 (coronavirus) in babies and children.

And the lack of contagiousness may only be for kids under 10.

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It's not easy to document exactly where every case originates. Recall that it took months before anyone was saying that there was community transmission at all (some of that was politics, yes, but it's also hard to confirm). It's probably harder for young children since their parent come into contact with most people that the child does.

A number of studies have concluded that children under 10 are less likely (about 25% as likely according to one) to infect adults, but less likely isn't the same as it not happening.

Since we know that children can get Covid and can die from it (much less often, but it happens), it's much more likely that they just haven't been able to confirm a case of child to adult transmission than it is that children can get the disease and die without being able to transmit it (I'm not a doctor, so perhaps that last line of reasoning is wrong).

Being careful and expecting children to socially distance is a very reasonable precaution during this pandemic.

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it's not as if children go around constantly touching things and each other, are still learning to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, need to be reminded to wash their hands... /s

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That is a nice letter and obviously they made a thoughtful decision.

Even though we know the pandemic won't be here forever, some businesses will close and many other things will just inevitably change between now and the future normal. I hope the owners find good new projects to work on going forward.

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Seems like they have been there about a dozen years or so, which isn't bad. I think my kids went to a birthday party or two back in the day. I concur with bemoaning the loss of another place to take kids in the dead of winter.

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