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Crashy night on Boston highways: Multi-vehicle crash on the turnpike in Brighton, car flipped in East Boston

Smashed car on Massachusetts Turnpike

A now ex-car. Photo by Spin.

Several vehicles, including an 18-wheeler, got entangled tonight on the Massachusetts Turnpike inbound near the IHOP in Brighton.

Spin reports that, unlike a crash tonight on the Southeast Expressway, nobody seemed seriously hurt - not even in the car in which the trunk ended up sharing space with the rear seats.

Separately, somebody managed to flip a car on Rte. 1A at Boardman Street in East Boston. No serious injuries.

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The ex-car at least looks normal.
How the hell do they flip,

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So much money spent on cops, firefighters, ambulances etc. because of moronic drivers. And guess who gets to foot the bill? People who don’t drive.

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Most cyclists who post on UHub also are motorists.

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Excise tax is paid to the municipality the vehicle is primarily housed in. So car owners in Boston do very much contribute to the funding of BFD and BEMS. Perhaps not MSP but their primary role is highway patrol, so someone decided long ago that it was a good use of tax dollars to have a highway police patrol.

And we don't know what caused the accident. Perhaps one driver had a medical event that caused them to lose control of their vehicle.

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It has been shown time and again that vehicle drivers are subsidized by nondrivers. Income taxes, property taxes ... those all contribute to driving costs. Then there are the externalized costs - fire and police, air pollution health damage, etc.

And "medical event"? You realize that most of those result from drivers who ignore their diabetes and don't take care of their heart disease issues, right? Preventable issues if the RMV could get over its lurid obsession with epilepsy, made it simpler for doctors to pull drivers licenses, and extended that concern to requiring doctors to sign off on license renewals.

We all know about these excise taxes and how your nobly sacrifice to pay them and want your own statue for doing so. You need to learn how little they actually cover.

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I'm not looking for an argument, and you raise valid points. I just didn't care for the immediate response suggesting that "moronic drivers" cause all of the accidents and only those who don't own cars are left with the bill.

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My Dad's cousin suffered a massive heart attack while driving to visit his elderly father and was found dead on scene. I would hope that those leaving hateful comments about human beings recently deceased would have a little compassion for the children, siblings, parents, friends and neighbors who may be reading the post about their departed loved one on Universal Hub, as this is a local blog.

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Hateful comments are what Kinopio does. It’s his thing.

My condolences. Most of us here do have compassion to those killed or even injured in crashes. Not all, because, well, Kinopio.

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"Moronic" is a bit harsh. Humans are fallible, and all have episodes of inattention and bad judgement. This makes them generally incapable of driving perfectly. Even professionals like bus drivers, whose entire focus is on driving, sometimes make mistakes. It's true that most drivers can be trained to be safer, and aren't, but that doesn't make them morons.

The stupid came in when the motor industry was allowed to replace an existing public transit system with privately-owned individual vehicles that require massive dedicated infrastructure.

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Many of those existing systems were privately owned. General Motors bought many of these companies, including the magnificent system in LosAngeles, and tore up the tracks. When the systems were conveyed it was with the stipulation that the tracks could not be replaced and required the use of buses. Boston, Cincinnati, and San Francisco kept some of their existing street railways.

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Everyone pays for these services. Non-drivers pay a disproportionate amount more for services they don't directly use.

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As a Boston resident for nearly 20 years who pays very expensive taxes as a homeowner here, a hefty portion of my taxes goes toward public education and I'm happy for that. I have no kids nor do I plan to, however I believe as a member of society it is my obligation to contribute to the community, whether or not I use those services. I also donate to several charities. If I see garbage on my block I clean it up. I believe in supporting local businesses despite it being more expensive than going with Amazon.com. Maybe you're a Libertarian who believes in every man for himself, I don't know.

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You just don't get it - that's how taxes work.

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... on drivers whose licenses should have been suspended. Makes you never want to get on. MA road ever again.

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