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Deno's in West Roxbury shuts down

Deno's Pizza and Subs on Centre Street has announced it's closed for now:

For the safety of our customers, employees and families we are currently closed.
We’ll see you soon....




i have a vague memory of a 70's kids show called Powerhouse where a group of kids are trying to find out who's making people sick in the neighborhood with some funky eye disease and it turns out a woman who works at a local restaurant has some eye fungus and they end up chasing her down the street (or something like that, i dunno, it was the 70's).

ANYWAY, ive got a bad feeling were gonna look back on this "make sure you keep ordering take-out" time of social distancing and realize it's a huge mistake.

All it takes is ONE guy who hands a bag to the GrubHub drivers and then everyone those drivers interact with are potentially exposed.

Learn to cook.

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