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Developer seeks to tear down building long used as a restaurant and bar on Hyde Park Avenue in Roslindale

A Dedham developer has filed for permission to tear down 100% Delicias on Hyde Park Avenue at Canterbury Street in Roslindale.

Because the building is more than 50 years old, the Boston Landmarks Commission first has to consider whether the building has any historic or architectural significance. Anybody with concerns has until Sept. 27 to express them to the commission, via e-mail at [email protected].

Antonio Ferrara of Dedham, who bought the parcel in March for $1 million, has yet to file formal plans for a replacement for the restaurant site, which was previously home to a series of Irish-themed bars stretching back decades. Last week, the Boston Licensing Board approved plans by the restaurant - which has a takeout place on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain - to sell its beer and wine license to the owner of a proposed Italian restaurant in East Boston.

Ferrara owns a number of small properties in the area. In February, 2019, he received a building permit for a four-story, 17-unit apartment building that would site where the Lee Myles transmission shop used to be on Washington Street near Grove Street, between Viva Mi Arepa and Town Line Liquors, in West Roxbury.

Along with the restaurant tear-down request, the landmarks commission is also seeking comments on a demolition request for 1002 Canterbury St., the house that sits immediately behind 100% Delicias. The owners of the restaurant are still listed as that house's property.


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I hate to be one of those people that whines about the traffic, but this intersection is horrible, mostly because whenever anybody on Canterbury St. wants to make a left turn, the cars get backed up for multiple light changes. The City should take advantage of this opportunity to widen Canterbury and create a left-turn-only lane.

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Especially when somebody's double parked in front of the market or the Chinese place.

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Close the Canterbury curb cut and make access from Hyde Park Ave only.

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The house between the restaurant and the tracks has been empty for months (I.e. there’s wood blocking the windows)

I’m surprised they didn’t acquire more properties and go bigger.

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I was just driving by there the other day and noticed it was all boarded up and looked distressed. Interesting vs. the Google Street view, it is a rather striking difference, and, to be fair, I don't ever remember the building looking blighted before, and I go through there all the time. All for more housing, but, seems a bit mickey mouse level tricks.

I would also always love an infill stop at this point on the NEC/Commuter rail. With regional rail, if they can make the platforms work, it would be huge for the neighborhood which has not other hope for actual rapid transit.

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Dedicated bus lane on Hyde Park Ave. Not as rapid but much more affordable and, I think, something the city could simply decide to do without having to get input from NEC stakeholders.

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