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The Dig goes online only for the duration; seeks donations

DigBoston reported today it's not making much sense during a pandemic to print up papers to fill boxes in places where nobody's going anymore, so it's canceling its print run for the state of emergency.

It's also asking for help to keep running online because it's business model, which depends almost entirely on events, both those it runs itself and those it advertises for others, has collapsed.

Our team is quickly pivoting, with salespeople seeking more businesses in need of online advertising (you can reach them at [email protected]), virtual events in the works, and of course journalists reporting on the response to COVID-19. ...

All of the above considered, at a time when the city especially needs critical local reporting, we’re asking for the public’s help to support continued coverage. We are committed to providing free access to news, particularly as we confront the impact of COVID-19 on our community. We ask that people please consider a voluntary donation to sustain our mission.

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digboston is my go to paper media when my phone battery is low and I have to reserve it for calls only. They've been around a long while and I'd like to see them stay.

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Several performances today in addition to Dropkick Murphys. I also recommend the article on Victory Programs, which is struggling to maintain mobile healthcare services to people living on the street in the midst of the pandemic. This is real local coverage that other Boston media outlets don't prioritize, and I encourage anybody who can to donate.

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