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Dominican restaurant in Jamaica Plain seeks to stay open until 1 a.m., to try to recoup the loss of business due to Covid-19

Update: The licensing board approved the later closing time.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Mangu, 264 Hyde Park Ave., extend its closing time from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

At a hearing today, owner Ernis de los Santos said the later closing time could help him earn back some of the money he's lost during the current pandemic. He said that customers have also been asking him for later hours.

De los Santos, whose restaurant has been open for four years, said he would only provide takeout at night. Although his restaurant has tables, he said he's not offering any in-restaurant dining out of concern for the safety of his customers.

The mayor's office supported the extra hours, as did the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's public-service committee. Michael Reiskind of the JPNC said that at a meeting, nearby residents seemed split between those who supported the proposal and those concerned about possible late-night double-parking and noise.

Reiskind said that de los Santos had agreed to give his personal cell number to neighbors so they could immediately call him with any problems.

He added that even before Mangu, the address had been home to small restaurants since at least 2006.




We must respect the sacrifice of our medical personnel who work to keep Boston indoor dining open during the pandemic.

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@Notfromboston - read the article. The owner said very clearly that the extended hours are only for take-out.

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You mean, like someone who comes off a shift in the middle of the night might want? Like, I dunno, a nurse or something?

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By necessity I still need to sue the T several times a week. My monthly T pass suddenly and unexpectedly "expired" in the middle of the month with $90 on it. Going through T customer service on the phone and getting them to send me a new one was a major ordeal that took over a week while all the while I had to keep paying out to use the T. If the store had been opened I could have taken care of it all in an hour. Who knew these cards expired? What does that even mean? The card stops working but the money on it doesn't. Very odd.

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Neighbors are worried about late night double parking? Really? Is the area so busy at midnight that this would be an issue that causes problems?

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You traveled this street and many others surrounding, you will notice that people almost always chose to double park with no regard to anyone else. Even when there are clear spots for them to pull in. Always.

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This is being presented by neighbors as an objection to extending hours for take-out. How many people are going to be having problems with the double parking at midnight?

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Because I have to stay up too late twitching my curtains.

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And this goes for most comments on parking. From the times I’ve driven or walked in this area, I’ve never seen double parking. Granted, I’m not there at 7 PM on a Friday, but as far as places where I almost expect double parking, this is not one of them.

Also, that stretch of Hyde Park Ave is rarely busy outside of morning rush (in the before times, that is.)

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"concerned about possible late-night double-parking" concern trolls are never concerned about the street and its possible double-parking spaces being available 24 hours a day. It's almost like the possibility of some random nuisance happening is only a concern for the specific period of time being requested by a business.

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I live less than a 5 minute walk away from the restaurant and have no concerns or problems about the noise increasing - Hyde Park Ave's ambient noise level is already fairly high due to the large numbers of people speeding down the road at night at terrifying speeds, so I honestly don't think the small increase in double-parking and foot traffic is going to change the nighttime noise around here anyway. Curious which of my "neighbors" believes otherwise and if they've ever spent any time in a front facing room on HPA after 8pm...

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Hyde Park Ave would be so much better with parking enforcement writing tickets for double parkers nearly the entirety of the day.

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I live in front of this business and I have no problem with it been open until 1am. I love their food. I will definitely support them even more if will be open until 1pm. I don’t see “double parking” been an issue in this street as it’s rare that a car been double park.

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