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Don't leave your laptop alone on a table at Dunkin' Donuts

Newton Police have put out an APB for a man who spotted a customer's unattended laptop at the Langley Road Dunkin' Donuts and walked off with it yesterday.

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Victim blaming?

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Who leaves a laptop unattended at a Dunkin Donuts?

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In a civilized society, you can leave your property on the table while going to the bathroom, because civilized people do not steal other people’s shit.

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Are you gonna leave the keys in your unlocked car and walk away to do an errand in this civilized society?

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in a civilized society there would be adequate social programs in place where people didn't have to steal shit from absent minded strangers who are without a shred of common sense in their heads.

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I teach my users always bring a laptop lock cable with them and secure their laptop no matter where they are. (even at the office).

There's no "civilized" or "uncivilized" about it. It can happy anywhere, any city, any country, any time of day

Its called being smart and not so trusting. I agree that you shouldn't have to worry about stuff being taken but unfortunately those days are long gone. Those days went away long before laptop computers. You just cannot be so trusting at all anymore.

Computers are hot items to steal and resell. Especially Apple Macintosh products. They have high resale value (Apple is doing something neat about it... just wait).

yeah I'm going victim blame here. Sorry, it sucks to blame the victim but there's a fine line in something easily prevented or a stupid mistake that caused it. Sorry not sorry. Take care of your shit and watch it.

There's no other way to explain this than not to victim blame. Unfortunately, in this case the victim is at fault, and no one else is to blame than themselves. You just don't do that.

I'm just as guilty.. years ago I had a laptop stolen out of my bag. It was 100% my fault. I didn"t watch it and though it was OK in a friends car. It wasn't. I took the blame and owned it. Sometimes you just need to owe up that you fucked up.

PS - Stop with the "dont victim blame" crappola. It does not apply to every situation. It unreasonable to to think it applies to every situation. Sure, things like rape, lets not victim blame. But not locking your computer down or taking it with you when you leave the table, is really your fault.

You can bark at me all you want, but I've managed corporate laptops for years and I've seen some users do some stupid things with laptops that have yielded them to be stolen. They knew they were at fault, and they took ownership of it. "Don't victim blame" is just a nice way to not take ownership that they fucked up.

FWIW, my last company *charges* a user $2400 for a new laptop if it is stolen and never recovered. They were serious about company equipment being returned. And all it took is one employee to get hit with that fee, and I got 9028349023480 requests for laptop locks shortly after. People DO learn from this.

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FFS, this a tired ass ongoing debate. Criminals can live, work, commit crimes any damn where. Like oh my God, I cant believe that happened here, clutching pearls on the news, "we don't live in Dor/Rox/Matt etc." Guess what? Somebody that you might see everyday, your neighbor's oh so nice grandson could be on dope rob you blind...in Newton...in Wellesley...in Brookline...in Wilmington...need I go on? How many times have pedophiles been arrested in the suburbs & the neighbors are on the news "oh seemed like the nicest guy, I cant believe that happened HERE" Take those rose colored glasses off.

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I'd think that would be larceny...unless it was a chromebook.

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Everyone knows it's only safe to leave expensive electronics unattended at McDonald's, not Dunkin's

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I have a clue that has been overlooked, but if it turns out to be Gary Trudeau being Gary Trudeau, then *I* am gonna be the bad guy.

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What does the creator of Doonesbury have to do with this? I don't think the thief was a floating asterisk or a Walden College alum

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Sorry, but I don't think we have any racist jackass to English translators at UHub.

Can Adam link to google? Babelfish?

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racist jackass

Ah yes. Justin. Thank you for the correction.


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