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Dorchester couple, wedding make the New York Times Vows column

And no, this isn't one of those cliched People with Way Too Much Money and Time couples that Vows typically writes about. Meet Bill Walczak and Meg Campbell: Bound by Their Boston Neighborhood.



"...sat around the church stage..."
My God - The Times is as bad as The Globe. Do they not even recognize the correct words for things?


Or maybe the chancel?

I think "altar" means different things for different churches, and might be confusing. And no one knows "chancel", including me. "Stage" seems fine.


"Sanctuary" would probably be most correct. I will admit, though, that many people use that term to refer to the whole interior of the worship space and not just the area 'around the altar' that used to be demarcated by railing.
"Altar" - lots of people use that interchangeably for both the altar table and the area around the table
I've gotta admit - "chancel" never occurred to me,
But "stage"? Fail. Especially in a purpose-built church that has a sanctuary and altar (as opposed to a parish using a temp space like a school gym or auditorium and therefore setting up the altar on, yes, a stage)


It looks like "stage" no longer appears in the article. It says, "guests sat in straight back chairs in the church sanctuary..."

Stage is the correct term. A simple google search would have told you that. It's a real thing.

In a Roman Catholic church: Around the altar, in the sanctuary, in the chancel.

One can google all day long, but stage is not the correct term. You'd need a praise band and projectors to consider saying, stage.

In an article with cloche and frisée, we should reasonably expect to have this detail correctly stated, too.

Regarding the proposition, the Orthodox might say in the altar, the area east of the iconostasis.


Not mentioned in the article, Walczak ran for Mayor in that crowded 2013 field.

Bill is an amazing guy. He has done much more in the city than the article mentions. I really appreciate that when he sees something that needs to be fixed he just does it rather than making speeches and asking someone else to deal with it. Our community is a better place because of him.

I know them both and would say this is a perfect match. I'm so glad the Times picked up the story.


He follows me on Twitter.


"Too much money."

A dollar more than I have.

Lovely story.

What a sweet tale about a lovely couple. I got a laugh about their kids' advice about taking it slow, a first date in 2016 and a wedding in 2020 is longer than some marriages. It's nice to read about love and companionship, a relationship of blended families, past experiences and shared values.

When Bill Walczak ran for mayor, I voted for him. Rarely will I will vote for someone who cannot win, but given the field, I was content with whoever might make the final. His very long and deep commitment to his neighborhood, and the enduring legacies of a health clinic and a school, are impressive and won my vote. His opposition to a casino in Boston has been proven correct.

All the best to Meg and Bill!