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In Dorchester, somebody signs up for the war on trash

Recyclable collection bin

Justin Thompson thanks whoever had put up these recyclable bins around his Dorchester neighborhood:

Broken glass was (kinda still is) a problem at Hemenway and the Adams-King parks.




...it would contribute greatly toward its debt and help eliminate fair hikes sand service cuts. There is enough trash left by lazy idiots on the T for this to actually be profitable.

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The can miners union reports that their industry has suffered greatly during the virus because ridership has dropped eighty percent and no one is leaving their bottles and cans in the T's ten thousand dollar trash cans.

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Re ... cyc ... ling????

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Yeah it's great that someone is trying to stop litter. All the items in the bin look like zero-deposit water bottles made of plastic (not glass.)

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Yeah odd that someone actually cares enough to help keep it clean. It’s a mess and this is a toddler park, unlike hemmy.

Sad when we find someone wanting to help better the community as “odd”.


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Nice, but it needs to be attacked at its source.

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