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Driver races away from police, rolls over, crashes into light pole, runs away without helping seriously injured passenger

Pickup truck on fire

Pickup on fire. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports that after the driver of a pickup truck sped away from an attempted traffic stop near BPD headquarters early this morning, officers pursuing him were told to stop chasing him, but the guy just kept going - until he apparently rolled over the pickup at MLK Boulevard and Warren Street, crashing into a traffic pole as the pickup burst into flames.

Live Boston reports the driver then ran away - leaving behind his critically injured passenger. Arriving officers and a state trooper managed to get the passenger out for Boston EMS to take to a local trauma center with life-threatening injuries. Other officers, meanwhile, caught up with and arrested the driver.

BPD policy is for officers to stop chasing any vehicles speeding away from them to reduce the risk of a dangerous crash.




Those damn cyclists! They are just the worst! And those pedestrians? How dare they walk in the streets that I, a truck driver, pay for!

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Can’t ever let it go. Hopefully the United Larry makes a healthy recovery.

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Who needs enemies?

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Are you sure they're not just shooting another Mahkie Mahk feature?

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