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Entire high school forced to start school year at home due to some hard partying students who gave fake names to police

WBZ reports Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School will start the new year with entirely remote learning for at least two weeks to reduce the risk that some kids who fled a boozy party when police arrived might spread Covid-19.

Officials had hoped to start the year with one of those hybrid schedules, but had to go to all remote after because so many local kids went to the crowded party and then ran away when police arrived, with many of the students who were nabbed giving police fake names.


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Chromebook school is easier


Have you spoken to any teenagers at all about what they want? Staying home is not fun. A lot of them want to be in school.

I have two, and they miss school but told me it's easier.
Which is what I said.

Not to say the school is wrong, but we've got a situation where people are being extremely cautious about high school and college students meanwhile MBTA employees, cops, public tradesmen, and others with frequent public interaction flagrantly disregard the mask mandates and almost certainly aren't being tested every few days.

In the eyes of Eastern Massachusetts citizenry, "Mind your own business" is an OK response from a middle-aged adult asked to wear a mask but yet no punishment is harsh enough for students who don't have nearly the same level of public interaction.

Unrelated, why is it that Lincoln-Sudbury is ground zero for suburban delinquents? Maybe they ought to renamed it the Sunnydale school district.


I've been riding the Blue Line to work several times a week and the norm is to see T employees without masks (or masks hanging around their chins) as they laugh and joke with each other (they never seem to be doing anything else). Many of the riders adopt this wearing-but-not-wearing posture also. Wasn't there originally talk that the T would be monitoring whether the ridership was wearing masks and making sure the trains were not overcrowded? The crowded, maskless Blue Line trains I take say otherwise. We have absolutely no leadership on the city, state or federal level. NONE.


How can they make sure a train isn’t crowded?

I guess someone could make you wait for the next train. But you can do that yourself. And the next train is less likely to be crowded if people weren’t kept off the crowded train.



"Drink-n-Drugsbury Reasonably High School", according to a friend who went there.

What a shame these entitled brats are ruining the school year for the rest of their classmates. Hope they learn that the actions of a few have consequences for the many.


No wonder these kids are acting like such entitled brats! Far too many adults, including our present Administration in Washington, have the same damned lousy attitudes.


Maybe then some of them will begin to wise up and think for themselves!

Don’t forget massless Marty.

So you mean Carl Ovid the 19th wasn’t his real name?!


Who told them Mike Hunt was a fake name?


The kid clearly told the cop "Dick Hertz from Holden".

Not sure where his pal Heywood came from. You know, Mr. Jablome?

I can hear morning announcements now. The Principal wants to see Mike Hunt in the office immediately."


Heywood Jablome to the Principal's Office. Heywood Jablo... oh, never mind.

Jack Cough. Dick Hertz.....

Dick Hertz is from Holden.

He's from out of town. He must have been visiting from Holden.

I went to high school with a Richard Weiner who periodically got called down to the principal's office, much to the delight of the other 1599 students in the school.

Party hard enough and school will be cancelled. It's a harsh lesson to learn, I'm sure.


The problem is that the lesson is also, if you stay home quietly with a book or video game while other people party hard enough, school will be canceled.

And that's true whether or not you were even invited, and whether or not you like parties and would have gone in a normal year.

It's the same lesson as, if people you never met are careless at a wedding in another state, your plans may be changed. If your friend thinks it's safe to do something together because their annoying spouse, younger sibling, or housemate lied about their test results, you may get sick, your social life may get canceled.

The universe isn't teaching moral lessons here, and this isn't an After-school Special. It's not fair that I can't go see my mother because too many other people decided they don't believe in covid, or think masks are a communist plot, or believe they're young and healthy and don't need to be careful. But it also wouldn't be fair if I ignored that, and worked out how to visit her, and got sick during the trip, or infected her without knowing it.


Simply noting the irony.

were arrested is even more disgusting--and dishonest! Who the hell raised these kids, anyhow?


THEIR lying, scheming parents and the sad thing is they'll get away with that b.s. they should have some serious repercussions and not the typical slap on the wrist smdh.

Your L-S high classmates, perhaps?

I think most kids in that situation would give a fake name if they could.
I mean, were you ever a teenager?


real name of a classmate I didn't like, maybe?

First of all, this:

I mean, were you ever a teenager?

is an absolutely asinine and stupid question!

Secondly, no teen with any sense would give a false name in that situation. Doing so could get the kid(s) in question could land both them and their parents in deep shit for doing that.

I guess you grew up in a saintly convent where everyone admitted to their chopping of cherry trees, but given the opportunity to avoid landing in deep shit, a large percentage of teenagers I knew would give a fake name.

First of all, I happen to be a woman, so don't call me sir!

Secondly, I grew up in a normal environment.

Thirdly, I'm not Catholic.

Fourth, I'm not at all religious.

Fifth, these teenagers deserved to get into the kind of trouble that they got into, and anybody giving a false name to the cops if they're arrested could also land in some deep legal shit, and it would serve them right.

Again, to beat a dead horse, a grown ass man was given secret, anonymous probation in Weston after getting caught doing racist graffiti. Because he was someone's kid who didn't want to get embarrassed. These kids would never suffer any real consequences just like rich kids in the 80s who got caught with coke were given slaps on the wrists vs poor kids caught with crack who got hard, hard time.

You think that it's all right if these kids don't suffer any kind of consequences after doing something so dangerous, stupid and unsafe (i. e. going to an out of control party during the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic.)? I sure as hell don't.

Given your age, I would say that you grew up in a plastic bubble given how hard partying was back in the day.

Today's kids ain't got nothing on the hard drinking and drugging of the boomers. No wonder all their brains have rotted to mush.

I would have never even considered giving a fake name to the police. It is frustrating though to be named Seymour Butts.

Are you sure everyone wasn't named Karen?

They should have kept the youths in custody until parents/guardians came to claim them.

Saying high-school students have no reason to worry about Covid-19 is wrong. Stop posting that.