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Even in a pandemic, it never fails: A Green Line train comes off the rails

Around noon, a B Line trolley slipped off the rails at Park Street, sending the T to both right the train and alert the few remaining Green Line passengers that they'd need to take the Orange or Red lines if they needed to get to Park Street.

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Even in a pandemic, it never always fails:
COVID-19 can't keep Green trains on the rails.

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If a B car derails at Park it should be on the fence track, which is isolated enough from the wall tracks that they should be able to operate even if there is a derailed train in the station? It sounds like they needed to cut power, but, everything is on a Saturday schedule with minimal ridership, the other B cars could be looped at Government Center until the end of service, at which point power could be cut and the train could be righted when it didn't impact other service?

Nah, let's kill service for a few hours and make everyone* take shuttle buses. (* luckily everyone isn't that many people, but still …)

(I'd assume this actually happened on the switches into/out of Park, which would foul the whole line.)

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It was at switch #68 and blocked both westbound rails

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Trains tend to derail on switches. Barring overspeed derailments on curves, 90+% of derailments are on switches, which I'd expect you to know Ari. So an easy guess (which the T confirmed) is it derailed on the switch where the two tracks diverge into the fence track and the bypass track.

Believe it or not, the T isn't *that* incompetent, having worked in the industry everything is not nearly as easy as it seems. Btw, two months ago a car became disabled on the fence track in a very similar spot and the T did exactly what you suggest here, ran all trains on the bypass and turned at Govt Center. Caused a bit of a backup at Govt Center but nothing terrible.

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