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Right wingers take over the Republican party in West Roxbury

Unofficial city returns show the slate of Trumpier-than-thous in Ward 20 (West Roxbury and a piece of Roslindale) have defeated the equally pro-Trump "moderate" slate that had controlled the Republican Ward Committee, 567-167, on a platform that included total Trump and ICE fealty, free paper bags at local supermarkets and a fight against bike lanes on Centre Street in West Roxbury (which the other slate also opposed).

Among the new committee members: Four members of the Shurtleff family, led by patriarch Hal Shurtleff, a one-time John Birch organizer who nowadays spends part of his time unsuccessfully suing the city in an effort to fly a pro-Christian flag over City Hall Plaza.

On the Democratic side, a unity slate was elected with 4,222 votes.

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Just perform a reverse annexation on West Roxbury.

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They’re embarrassing but it’s worth noting only 734 votes were cast for the R ward committee. Over 4,000 on the Democratic side.
There is a small and dwindling noisy group that give us a bad name. But the neighborhood is mostly normal, decent folks that go about our business and appreciate progress.

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How about everything west of the emerald necklace just for starters?

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That’s a really great idea. You are smart and wise.

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I had heard they were going to have a Very Patriotic "Real 'Murican" rally so i went down with my camera to have a laugh at all the Freedom.

Oy, what a crowd THAT was. One woman, wearing a full black bodysuit with an Obama mask was also carrying an Elmo puppet and shucking and jiving.
It was a FREAK SHOW.

It was at this meeting of the minds that I met the Shurtleff clan.

A very young boy, maybe 8, walked up to me and handed me a VERY thinly veiled Birch society pamphlet that was a "wink & nod" about Obama being anti-American and possibly moose-limbed.

It sickened me. Totally.

Then I saw the t-shirt hustlers. These weren't FOX watchers or NH mountainmen, but brown kids from Boston making some quick cash by promoting ideas and worldviews that run completely opposite to and do actual harm to their own demographic.

This was the very beginning of "MAGA". A loud and proud, full-throated scream of xenophobia and misogyny they called "Real America".

It was all just a gross cluster$#@% of proud ignorance, racism, untreated mental illness, and raw capitalism right in front of the State House.

Now those kids are voting and apparently oozing into local government.

God save us all.

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Free paper bags and parking spots? Republicans sure do love hand outs.

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The new world order will just have to wait for their turn at things,

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my home, and the crusade against the Center street proposal has emboldened them. I know one who casually mentioned the bike lobby and socialists trying to ruin West Roxbury. Sad, really. i have known one since high school and it makes me wonder what happened..

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Yes, there are people on that list who have been good, decent people in the community for years and just have become radicalized. It is sad to see. I don't know why in the world they'd want to associate with Trump or that John Birch Society clown but they made their choice. Makes it easier to just discount their opinions now that they're associating with this madness.

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They grew up in WR with a lot of privilege...that's what happened.*

WR has been the same forever...they don't want anyone coming in, no change, no nada and they vote. They want democratic socialism for themselves and no one else. Politicians have always bent over backwards for the fine white folks of WR.

*Before flaming please note that I realize it's not all people in WR.

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On the Democratic side, a unity slate was elected with 4,222 votes.

Interesting that a unity slate in West Roxbury got elected without much issue or fanfare, but the Hyde Park unity slate got trounced by the fresh slate group. Why the difference?

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