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Falling trees make riding the trolley somewhat of an exercise in folly

Downed tree at Newton Highlands

Downed tree at Newton Highlands. Photo via Ian Lamont.

Isaias may only be giving the Boston area a glancing blow, but it's enough to snap trees like matchsticks on the Mattapan Line between Milton and Butler and on the Riverside Line near Longwood and Newton Highlands. Buses have replaced the Mattapan trolley and D Line trolleys from Kenmore all the way to Riverside.

Trees not along MBTA lines are also plunging to the ground in the Boston area, keeping local police, firefighters and DPW crews busy.


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The sign on the door of the trolley reads State, Stop, Law. What is the State,Stop,Law?

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The practice of placing STOP as the middle line is based on a format commonly used for warning signs in the 1940s and 1950s, where the primary message (STOP) is placed between the words for the secondary message.(STATE LAW). A period example would be 'GO CHILDREN SLOW".

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The streetcars feature this so when equipment is assigned to Huntington Avenue motorists come to a full stop when passengers are boarding or alighting at the four truly oldest stops on the Green Line: Fenwood Road, Mission Park, Riverway and Back-of-the-Hill.

Streetcar service has been provided along that stretch since October 26, 1859.

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It's a monogram. The family name goes in the middle.

Or, if you prefer: the State Stop Law is the state law that says STOP.

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I don't know what you intended to say when you wrote "Trees not long MBTA lines"

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They are for squirrels!

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Adamg "it was really helpful weather news"Thanks for sharing

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"A Tree Falls in Newton."

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