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Fancy bus to New York is no more

LimoLiner, which provided extra amenities on buses to and from New York, announced this week it has driven its last passengers.

Regrettably Limoliner has reached the end of the line and is closing down Dec 31st due to financial reasons. We thank all of our loyal customers, and our dedicated staff. Happy New Year to all.

H/t Scott.

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My family and I took a Limoliner around 8 years ago to NYC. It was a nice ride, not what I would call luxurious, but very comfortable. Guess the competition on that route was too much.

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Aw. I was in the information and safety video they played onboard (if anyone ever watched it). I was Guy Using the Handrails.

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Now we are only left with Gryhound, Bolt , Peter Pan, Megabus, Luck Star, Academy, Coach Run, Ourbus, and Flixbus for bus service between Boston and New York.

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Last time I rode it (about 2017 I would guess) the suspension on the bus was so bad that the idea of serving dinner and a glass of wine at my seat was some kind of joke. I had to hold the food tray down so that it didn't bounce up and splatter everywhere. Working on a laptop or reading a book would have been out of the question.

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Even Greyhound is selling tickets to NYC for $10 now, so it's hard to justify a $99 round trip fare, even if you get 3-across seating and food.

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It was never about competing with cheap buses it was about competing with Amtrak. Which it did quite well for a very long time.

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