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Feds round up alleged Dorchester gang members for murder, armed robbery, drugs, prostitution and the unintentional kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl

G Fredo may be charged as part of a vicious gang, but he wore a face mask in recent videos.

Federal agents and Boston and State Police yesterday started rounding up alleged members of the Norton/Olney/Barry Gang, whom they accuse of being a full-service gang that, when not busy shooting rivals, dealing drugs, pimping women and robbing people at gunpoint, made lots of rap videos, often featuring scenes from the neighborhood, sometimes on rival turf as a way to taunt other gangs.

In the most serious of four separate cases unsealed in US District Court in Boston yesterday, 15 alleged gang members were charged with RICO violations that include murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery, narcotics trafficking and sex trafficking across state lines for incidents in Dorchester, New Bedford, Stoughton and Brockton and in Connecticut and Maine.

In two separate cases, 11 more alleged members were charged with dealing cocaine and fentanyl in Dorchester and on Cape Cod. One alleged member was charged separately with bank fraud on the South Shore; four others were charged individually for crimes such as being a convicted felon caught in possession of a firearm. Complete list.

According to an affidavit by an ATF agent in the investigation, three alleged members of the gang - who sometimes called themselves Head Shot Mafia and who have ties to the Wendover Street Gang - were responsible for an incident on Feb. 20 in which one of them kidnapped a five-year-old girl on Dorchester Avenue. When they spotted a man get out of his car to get some Vietnamese takeout, leaving the keys in the ignition, one ran over, got in and drove away - with the man's daughter in the back seat. The thief let the girl out in Randolph, physically unharmed.

Raid this morning at 34 Norton St. in Dorchester. Photo by Live Boston.

Raid at 34 Norton St.

According to the affidavit, gang members, most prolifically Michael "G Fredo" Brandao, frequently made YouTube rap videos, that extolled their shootings and other crimes, mourned murdered members and threatened rivals, in particular, the Cameron Street Gang, with which NOB had a particularly vicious feud.

For example, one of Brandao's videos (released in 2019) is titled Die Homes – a direct reference to the Homes Avenue street gang, one of NOB's rival gangs. The video includes express threats to shoot Homes Avenue gang members/associates, and was filmed on Homes Avenue as a means of disrespecting the rival gang. The video includes a simulated execution of a Homes Avenue gang member, as well as Homes Avenue gang clothing being lit on fire. The video also includes Brandao bragging that he targeted a Cameron Street gang member for violence and taunting Cameron Street through a reference to a murdered Cameron Street member/associate. There are multiple other NOB gang members/associates involved in the video, including defendants Ricky Pina and Samael Mathieu. During the video, Brandao, Mathieu and Pina all flash NOB gang hand signs.

From the video, a flaming Houston cap, of the sort Homes Avenue members would wear:

Flaming Astros hat

Among the specific crimes gang members were charged with are three murders and one failed murder attempt in Dorchester:

Murder on Stoughton Street

Sept. 5, 2017: Albert Monteiro shot to death in a barbershop, in a hit targeted at the Cameron Street Gang. "Based on ballistic evidence, the pistol used for this prior shooting was recovered from NOB member Alidio Barbosa's possession on or about September 11, 2017." Also:

Based on the BPD homicide investigation, two individuals arrived on a scooter (a vehicle used by the gang as it can be driven to locations inaccessible by car). The individual on the back of the scooter walked into the barbershop and shot the victim multiple times. At the time of the murder, defendant Ricky Pina was on state court-ordered GPS monitoring, which provided information as to his location on the date of the murder. The GPS information identified that, in a short time period leading up to the murder, Pina drove past the area of the murder multiple times - consistent with conducting reconnaissance for the murder.

Murder on Trull Street

Feb. 3, 2018. John Colon shot to death in front of his house; second man injured.

Based on the BPD investigation, the two shooters approached from the area of an adjacent alley before they started shooting. The victim was shot multiple times. Per witnesses, prior to the murder, a vehicle (subsequently identified by investigators as a Chrysler Pacifica) was seen by the victim and others driving slowly past them - consistent with setting up a shooting. Witnesses told BPD investigators that the victim stated out loud that one of the people in the vehicle was "G Fredo" - the street name for defendant Michael Brandao. Per witnesses, the victim also identified the “kids” in the vehicle had “smoke” [a conflict] with the victim. The vehicle was observed by witnesses driving slowly to the area a second time. The shooting took place shortly thereafter. ...

Less than six weeks after the murder, Brandao put out a rap video titled They Don't Know, which includes several other NOB members/associates, including the NOB member/associate who rented the Pacifica. In the video, Brandao references the murders of two NOB associates. Brandao further states that they got revenge for one of the murdered NOB associates, and notes that he “ran up and dropped a body.” The video also recreates a murder that shares the same circumstances as the murder of John Doe 4 [Colon].

Murder at Columbia Road and Stoughton Street

July 14, 2019. Adilson Barbosa shot in the head. Phone and surveillance-camera evidence suggests a NOB member had something to do with Barbosa's murder as he stood at the corner, waiting for the light to change so he could cross. On Feb. 8, 2020, Barbosa's twin brother was murdered in Brockton. ATF suspects this was NOB-related.

Attempted murder on Winter Street in Dorchester

May 17, 2018. Two men shot on Winter, a street in Cameron Street Gang territory. One was a Cameron Street member, but one was a NOB member - he got out of his car and opened fire on a group of men, but, surprise, they had guns, too, and fired back, and proved better shots, hitting the NOB shooter and the NOB driver.

Alleged members congregate in a video in "Head Shot Mafia" gear:

Gang members in HSM hoodies

The RICO charges also include driving women across state lines - two runaways from Dorchester to Connecticut and a separate woman to Maine - to offer them up as prostitutes on backpages.com.

In a separate case, nine alleged NOB members are charged with running a coke and fentanyl ring in Dorchester - where one member continued to sell drugs even though he was on house arrest and another didn't let the fact that he was on probation for child rape stop him, according to a separate affidavit by the FBI agent.

This mini-ring of NOB members was done in by an undercover operation in 2017 - in which one member was recorded offering a sort of affiliate deal to one undercover officer posing as a street-level drug dealer - the member would pay the supposed dealer in fentanyl for every new customer he recruited.

Innocent, etc.



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These dudes are HUGELY popular nationwide. Not just a small Bsoton rap group. Some of them have been arrested in Brockton to G-Fredo is very very well known in street circles. They’re super violent.

Here’s one of his latest videos:



Cut the shit. These dudes are far from violent. Don’t believe everything you hear, see or think. I know these clowns first hand


Their entire "ouvre" (lol) is about murder, guns, drug dealing, and prostitution.

Clearly, they think about violent things often.


So the feds just made all this stuff up?... because it sounds really really violent. I know G fredos younger brother and some Young kids from Barry Street-violent


Take that, Alex Bregman.


And defunding/abolishing the police is a great idea. Hashtag sarcasm.


Defunding, i.e., reducing our police force and expenditure is a terrific idea. Abolishing is not.


Most police overtime pay goes to homicide detectives and the gang units on stakeouts. Defunding policing infrastructure has serious consequences. It takes years to train up good homicide detectives and gang officers.

A few bad apples in on orchid somewhere else and BPD gets its crop ripped up root and branch. How long do you think it is going to take for the replacement seeds to get planted and the trees to grow to maturity? How many innocent people are going to get murdered in the meantime because politicians are more interested in brain surgery with spoons than focusing in with a laser to deal with a cancer?

What does that have to do with reallocating resources for the police.

Tee Hee. Tee Hee.


Well-polished group.


They were starting to convince me that a life of drugs and murder was the way to go, and then they spelled it like potato(e) and man I was done.


They put me in jail/But call me Dan Quayle/Because I flew the coop

Your day job gramps.


Twenty years from now the yuppies on The Dorchester Avenue will be pointing out the locations of these crimes from roofdeck soirees as Ben Affleck's son stars as an alkie former cop in a townie drama where he has to rescue missing Vietnamese-American college girls from an underworld kingpin played by Marky Mark with former Funky Bunch members as his henchmen on unlicensed scooters as haughty Bostonians brunch unmasked at curbside patios as if a pandemic is all over now.


That pretty much sums it up.

Gangbangers and Thugs need a home too.


All this about "yuppies". What year do all you people live in?


I live in 2020 where the repeal of rent control is still felt across the city as Boston boasts being the third most expensive city to rent in the world. The repercussions of which can be seen in how entire communities have been displaced to make way for, wait for it, young professionals who'll spend their first post-college years, and their parents' money, having a blast and meeting potential mates in a fantasy world that both promotes and enables isolation from the less fortunate by concentrating social amenities and city resources in areas populated by this economically prosperous cohort thus widening the opportunity gap and reinforcing gentrification's position as a multi-generational enterprise that we've somehow come to fatefully accept over the past twenty years.

Now, if these nice folks actually added more than they subtract then I'd be less likely to throw around derisive terms from the 80's, but since that is not the case as evidenced by the constant replacement of inexpensive community entertainment venues with an Uber ride to the Seaport and long lines to pay $12 for a beverage and self-photograph with the skyline as a backdrop, and I'm too lazy to coin a term that could accurately describe the unwitting accomplices of this era of painfully slow cultural strangulation, I'll go with what I know to be a biting insult often muttered by townie diehards who hate both country music and cornhole with a passion.

And I'm not moaning about the loss of any Fenway/Kenmore beer bar, either. One has to have some standards but those places did serve their communities until inflated real estate prices made everyone crazy with greed.

I had a Cram designed church near me, Georgian and Victorian houses all in good shape. My dad's doctor had his office two houses away, my dentist was three houses away, my orthodontist was three houses the other way. All in all, it wasn't a bad place and fairly stable and middle class. It was always a nice neighborhood, no gentrification, because it was always nice, if anything my family brought down the median income a bit.

Instead of yuppies coming into Dot, I think what you mean are CACs; Can't Afford Cambridge people. They are not yet at BoBo status because they still have not inherited their parent's estate and invested the inheritance to spend the day perusing what Yoruba sculpture to buy at 10,000 Villages, but they are on their way.

I enjoyed this part about the unintentional kidnapping:

The father ran into Saigon One to pick up an order. His 5-year-old stayed in the running car .... State Police said they had been able to track the girl by pinging the father’s cell phone, which the girl had at the time.

So many things wrong with this picture.

I look forward to the Mark Wahlberg movie about the rise, fall, and redemption of this gang.

I thought we didn't name gangs and such in this city to avoid glorifying them? Willing to wager all of their YouTube views are gonna skyrocket now.. at least they'll have funds for canteen.


And I've been naming them for a long time to let people know what's going on (I mean, it's not like I would have ever linked to any of the videos until they all got arrested).


Learned things here I never learned from people I know right in the middle of these turfs. More of this please. The more these kids are outed, the better. The more that gang signs get publicized and known in the community, the better. Let in the light!


These dudes and their affiliates in Brockton have over 20 million YouTube views in aggregate already. They’re popular as is. This won’t do much. The globe didn’t mention the rap part. These are related to the HSM busts in Brockton a few months ago, https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/10/26/police-bust-alleged-fentanyl-dea...


“I am glad this is going federal,” Gross said. “I don’t expect to see these individuals out on the street the next day wearing a bracelet.”