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Feeling cute, might peck at a car later, IDK

Strutting turkey in Jamaica Plain

Katie spotted Mr. All Fluffed Up on Spring Park Avenue in Jamaica Plain this morning.



Spotted this Tom and his scary pals on Spring Park yesterday as I walked by. Fearing an encounter, I crossed the street and sped up my stride.

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Well, hello Mr. Fancypants!

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Because he got a parking space.

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as I went by with my 2-year-old in tow. Pointed out the large feathery menace to said 2-year-old, who had never quite put it together that "turkey" is not just the thing we eat at Thanksgiving. Boy got wide-eyed as he contemplated the thought of eating a bird taller than he is.

Also, as of late last fall, the family of them living on Rockview had at least 3 members. Even odds a coyote picked the other two off, or they're waiting in ambush hidden in the rock wall above.

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Black robes, puffed up, wattle-wig, bald & beaked, ready to pronounce & condemn.

I would be afraid to appear before him. Though a little flattery would probably go a long way.

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Cock of the walk.

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