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Fireworks pro tip: If you're shooting them off like you're fighting off invading Martians, keep your trunk lid down

Boston Police report seizing "a large amount of illegal fireworks" in Roxbury last night by officers assigned to patrol the area specifically to look for fireworks following "numerous community complaints."

Police say the officers were in the area of Mascoma Street and Lawrence Avenue, outside the Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School, around 9:40 p.m. when they observed the rocket's red glare:

On arrival, officers observed a large quantity of fireworks in plain sight inside the opened trunk of a parked motor vehicle. Officers seized the fireworks without incident and spoke with an adult female who was near the motor vehicle while informing her that possession of such items is illegal in the City of Boston and across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


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Because I have no life, I often while away significant parts of my evenings listening to BPD scanner traffic, so I know that over the past few weeks, officers have been dispatched to an amazing number of fireworks calls. The problem with most of them is that by the time they get there, the show is over and the match lighters long gone, or at least, well hidden, so an incident where they come across a stash of the stuff, in plain view, is fairly rare.

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Right. So maybe instead of "responding" they can be more proactive and actually be in the neighborhoods. There are 4 houses setting them off every night between 4PM and 2AM.

Like this is not a hard "crime" to track down.

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And if you re-read the original post, you'll see they were able to get there so fast because they were there specifically because of repeated fireworks complaints.

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I read it. The concept of "shows over" is laughable. The show never stops. It's impossible to sleep even with all the windows closed.

I don't fault the cops per se. This, as with everything else, is a structural issue and a failure of leadership. It's like speeding. It's so pervasive it's no longer a crime.

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to just hang out quietly for a spell in the shadows at Malibu Beach as the sun goes down..

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