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Fisher College seeks to rent two floors in Back Bay hotel for students

Fisher College has filed plans with the BPDA to rent two floors in the Loews Boston Hotel on Berkeley Street because of the way it's reduced its on-campus dorm beds from 300 to 200 due to Covid-19 concerns.

Under the Fisher plan, the college would rent roughly 55 rooms on the 7th and 8th floors to house 81 students. Students will not be allowed to have guests or parties and will be required to wear masks in the hotel's common areas.

Fisher says students will have to come to campus with a negative test within 72 hours of their arrival - and will be tested again once they come onto campus. Any student who tests positive will be required to return home if they live within 250 miles of campus. Students who live further away - or who have extenuating circumstances, will be put in one of 20 isolation rooms the school has set aside on campus.

Worst case and too many students test positive during the semester, the school would quarantine students in rooms at the Renaissance Inn by Marriott on Brookline Avenue in the Marriott. The school says it's currently looking at testing students once every two weeks during the semester.

The BPDA and ISD need to approve the Fisher plan.

Off-campus plans by other schools:

Northeastern, BU, Suffolk and New England Conservatory.
More on Northeastern.

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How will they credibly ensure that? Or are they committing fraud?

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Most colleges have them, and part of their pay is to ensure students follow the rules (are they perfect? No, but it's not like the school just tosses kids in a building and leaves them there).

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Why so negative? The College appears to be doing the right thing by filing the appropriate paperwork with the City and clearly communicating their plans.

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Great. A Back Bay college plans to quarantine COVID students in the Fenway. Workers in the hotel will be using public transit and mingling with residents in the neighborhood.

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