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Flaming trash brings firefighters to West Roxbury party store

Flaming trash behind Party City

Boston firefighters responded to the rear of Party City, 1580 VFW Parkway shortly before 11:30 p.m. when a flames from a pile of burning trash extended to the building. Firefighters doused the flaming debris and the rest of the fire before it could breach the walls of the building. Arson investigators were requested since trash doesn't usually self-immolate like that.

Michele watched the flames rise from her nearby home:

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Is a terrible crime that peaks during terrible times of high unemployment and business failures. Soon many cities and towns in the commonwealth on the verge of bankruptcy will have to raise taxes or furlough firefighters and police.

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Not that I have any clue what happened last night, but setting some debris on fire that's sitting on the ground outside doesn't strike me as the work of somebody trying for an insurance settlement, especially not in that particular part of the city.

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Could also have been someone trying to stay warm and it got out of control. Not necessarily malicious.

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