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Former Suffolk prosecutor under investigation after woman writes he raped her

WBUR reports Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins has hired an outside law firm to look into allegations against former assistant DA Adam Foss by writer Raegan Sealy in an explicit account earlier this week.

Rollins hired an outside firm because while Foss left the DA's office before she took over, they were friends.

Other women are coming forward.

Foss issued a statement acknowledging he'd been "callous and insensitive" in the past, but denied raping anyone.

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Let's see what the facts reveal.

For gods sake, children read this site, Adam

Get the broom out and start sweeping sexual assaults under the rug. At the very least this investigation could be handled by other District Attorneys offices or the office of Attorney General.

The woman also wrote that he slept with witnesses in his cases. As such, that would call into question any cases he worked on. If true, it would taint his work at the SCDAO.

Well that was disturbing.

is rachel allowed to press charges for a crime that happened outside of suffolk county ?

You would also need a victim to go along with the prosecution. Often times writing/talking about it and exposing the rapist can do more good than an actual criminal charge/trial can.

If not, the investigation might end up sending their results to Middlesex or NH or somewhere. It still matters that Rollins is starting an investigation. There are all these recent conversations about powerful people committing crimes, and how it's wrong if their bosses help them cover it up. Rollins isn't Sealy's boss, and failure to investigate a crime isn't covering it up...not exactly. But I can see why she might feel a professional obligation to go above and beyond.

Rollins has done the right thing by hiring an independent firm to look into them.


The account is worth a read to gain a little insight into how a serial predator selects, grooms, and gaslights victims.

Of course the world it presents is not black and white, it's shades of gray. Ambiguity all over the place. The temptation to blame the victim is always there. "She shouldn't have gone here; she shouldn't have done that, she shouldn't have said this." Reading it is kind of like watching a horror movie in which you know what is about to happen to the hapless victim while the victim remains blithely unaware. There are, of course, steps that a savvier person might have taken to recognize impending rape and either extricate herself from the situation or avoid getting into it in the first place, but of course none of that excuses rape.

Instead of seeing this as a willing or idiotic victim, try seeing it as a victim whose attacker spotted and exploited a disability (The author is pretty frank about the past damage her psyche has taken.) When a street criminal attacks and robs a person in a wheelchair, nobody's first question is, "Why didn't you run away?" When someone falsely befriends and then defrauds a frail senior with advancing dementia, nobody's first question is, "Why didn't she see the obvious signs of abuse?" Try pausing for a moment before asking the analogous first question here.


“Other women” is also worth following. This guy is very clever and conniving.

For god's sake, children read this website, Adam.

Yep, mine do. It's important children be informed that these things take place in the world and that justice is pursued (though unfortunately not often enough) so they can listen to survivors, feel supported if these things happen to them, and refrain from perpetrating such things.


Yep, mine do.

"Mine do" plural?

Obviously I've missed an update. Best wishes to your expanded family!

children didn’t know about this and Adam not publish? Just like parents used to refrain from telling children that some priests rape children - what world would you rather live in: where people know or don’t know about these dangers?


OK, I might have missed "explicit" warning, but maybe writing explicitly "adult content" would be more appropriate for this story (which somehow features 0 adults).

The perpetrator was more than a decade older than the victim. Are you saying that a man in his thirties doesn't count as an adult?


This isn't Adam's job. Adam is actually doing a valuable service by publishing links to content like this. Rather than becoming irate with Adam, learn how to control content that is being received.

Network routers have settings for this exact type of issue. Keywords can be used to deny access to sites that contain content with offending ideas, message, and again, keywords. Entire web domains can even be blocked. Don't want anyone accessing trump.com? Block it. Don't want anyone accessing joebiden.com? Block it too.

These sites are a good start at how home network filtering can be done for parents.
Netgear: https://www.netgear.com/home/discover/apps/lpc.aspx

Side note, I block just about every ad domain I can find. My home internet now loads faster on many pages.


if these unspecified "children" can make it here on their own, I guarantee you they can find truly explicit "adult content" elsewhere that is most definitely not in the public interest.

but something tells me that, at the bottom of it, the well-being of these theoretical children isn't really what bothers you so much...

We should go back to the old days, when children were blissfully unaware of what predatory behavior looks like until after they've experienced it firsthand and can write such a thorough description of it as is in the linked post. Yeah, that'll certainly make the world better for the children.

And? It's a parents job to know what their children are reading. It's also a parents job to tach kids about consent, safe sex and what can & does happen in the real world. The more you know & all that.

I would have cut him off at the first "dick pic". Sounds like he needs a lot of things cut off.

Any relation to Gary Zerola?