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Fortunately for us, all that smoke is like five miles up in the sky

Nathaniel Stinnett shows us the hazy sky over the Tobin Bridge this morning, due to the western forest fires. The EPA says Boston's air quality is good today - all that smoke is up between 20,000 and 30,000 feet high.



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Still breaks my heart.


Sad about the smoke and fires... But I like this shot.

I was on the other side and almost got the moon blood red over the bridge last night and the damn thing got gobbled by the actual clouds. .

I can smell smoke today, unlike yesterday. The smell doesn't change with wind direction, like it usually does when the source is nearby. I think we're all getting polluted by the accumulated effects of all those climate deniers. Fuck them.


The fact that the fires out west are affecting us here in the East indicates the intense severity of those fires.

Trump said it will start getting cooler - just wait.

But I'm too pissed off to find humor in the latest "Trump says boneheaded thing" example. Everything he touches turns to shit, and of necessity that includes everything that comes out of his mouth. This is invariable. I try not to pay attention, but every time I find myself noticing something he said, it's shit.