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Franklin Park and Stone zoos to partially re-open to the public next week

Zoo New England is announcing that both its zoos will re-open their outdoor exhibits to the general public on June 4 - but that you'll have to first go online to buy timed tickets in advance - no more just showing up. Also, you'll have to wear a facial covering, follow a one-way path through the exhibits and stay six feet away from other groups.

People with zoo memberships, though can return starting this Thursday.

At both zoos, indoor exhibits and amusement rides will be shut. At Franklin Park, there won't be any giraffe or budgie feeding; at Stone Zoo, no Masters of Flights: Birds of Prey.

Online ticketing begins June 1: Franklin Park | Stone Zoo.

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This is how I wish ticketing always worked! I really don't like trying to go to the zoo or aquarium and finding it packed to the gills. Not optimal for us or the animals, I'd think.

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I just wish they had a children-free day or evening every so often. I'd pay extra to visit in that time.

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They've had a few "Brew at the Zoo" nights where you can get beers and walk around. It's kinda expensive for what you get though IIRC

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Hopefully they will bring back any workers who were furloughed. I know some kept on to care for the animals, while others may have been temporarily let go.

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