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Friendly Toast now just a friendly ghost, at least in Kendall Square

The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square announced today it will not be re-opening after its Covid-19-forced shutdown earlier this year.

Via Boston Attitude.



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Oh no, this is so sad!! I remember when it opened and I was so excited I wouldn't need to go to NH to get their amazing breakfasts. I'll miss them, for sure.

Delicious stuff, a little bit pricey but worth the indulgence. And with winter on the horizon, I fear for French Toast supplies!

Their toast.

They're toast.

So close!

I wonder why not. It was always busy, and there's plenty of patio space for outdoor tables.


Basically, no workers and students in the area and the outdoor patio dining season is very quickly drawing to a close. Quotes from the owner:

"The bodies just aren’t there" and "We’re just waiting for Cambridge to come back to life."

If memory serves they weren't open all that late -- they closed around 8. Not that crazy for a breakfast/brunch place but IHOP is usually 24/7. The early closing hour says to me they mostly got customers from the Kendall Square business population.

They were packed on weekends. People from across Cambridge and Somerville went there.

?? -> Jasmine -> Anise-> Friendly Toast -> ??

Was there anything there before Jasmine?

I saw a restaurant in Downtown Providence earlier this year called Toast. They specialized in actual Toast. What a strange niche concept for a restaurant.