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Funds set up to help laid off workers in Allston and Brighton

With an initial donation of $25,000, the Main Streets programs in Allston Village and Brighton have created Workers Relief Funds for local workers in Allston and Brighton who have lost their jobs due to coronavirus.

The funds will provide mini-grants of $250 to workers employed by Allston/Brighton businesses who have lost wages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a priority for those who have no access to unemployment benefits or other forms of financial assistance during this unprecedented time.

The initial donation comes from the Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger and Charlesview Charitable Fund at Charlesview, Inc.

Applications are available at allstonvillage.com and brightonmainstreets.org.

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And don't forget to support the local businesses that are still open as well. Brighton Center has already lost Cafenation (future uncertain, but currently not due to reopen), and Abbott's (closed indeterminately). Johnny D is currently shut for several weeks. Stay safe all!

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Allston-Brighton Mutual Aid network is doing some damn good work right now. I'm sure any and all support will be much appreciated. A little bit can go a long way in saving our neighbors from losing their homes and making sure kids have what they need.

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