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Governors of six states to our immediate south and west agree to work on coronavirus planning

Update: Massachusetts is in as well, at least according to the governor of New Jersey.

The CT Mirror reports the governors of six Northeast states, including New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut have agreed to work together on planning for the gradual re-opening of their economies as public-health concerns warrant; they added other states are welcome to join in.

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The adults have arrived!

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Regional planning, with each state free to make it's own decisions but all sharing and discussing info as conditions change, is an excellent approach. Since RI and CT are part of this group, it would make sense for MA to join in.

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Come on, Charlie. Go independent. Just do it already.

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Wouldn't that mean not joining any consortium?

I think Baker should join too but ultimately the decision needs to be made on testing ability and health of the state's population, among other factors. That's going to be very different between states.

Even within Mass, the Berkshires might be ready before Boston since there's a smaller population to deal with. (Or the opposite if mass testing is easier in a dense area.)

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Honestly I would LOVE for him to become Independent. Fastest growing political group in the United States.

Because there’s a large part of the population who loathe the antifa and the tea party.

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Delaware is part of this group and they have a Republican governor.

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Just heard on WAMC Albany.

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