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Green Line gets pokey when a trolley gets smokey

The MBTA experienced delays after one trolley's brakes seized up at Copley and began to smoke. Workers uncoupled the seizing trolley and took it to that place where bad trolleys go.

Tneck Dre, who took photos of the smoke and the uncoupling, adds:

As humans, we sometimes forget there are still other humans behind keeping us safe and the MBTA running and it’s more of a political nightmare as to why we don’t have a better transportation.

Remember to be nice to those who take you from point A to B.


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Pollack rides the Green Line on occasion. Give her an earful then. Record it too. You may get Pollack's true colors on priorities, planning, and race all in one 15 sec clip.

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Greet your bus driver when you board and thank them as you depart. I've been doing that since 1st grade. It's just common courtesy.

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