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Hero pug clears troubled Hyde Park street of tormenting turkeys

Bruce the pug and some troubling turkeys

Linuxlibrarian reports that Bruce the pug helped turn Myopia Road in Hyde Park into a turkey-free zone, at least while he patrolled it:

The turkeys were roosting on the top of someone's SUV. We chased them on to West, where they paused for sidewalk fries, and then they moved along.


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I would say that a pet dog consuming commercial meat-based pet food (and other life support) is a greater contributor to climate change than these turkeys living off the land.

But I'm the kind of person who says stuff like that.

Oh, and the local indoor/outdoor housecats and Alley Cats despite being spayed and neutered by their Allies, kill thousands of wild birds.

So, thanks for the wildlife degredation, outdoor cat lovers!

No, seriously.
Talk about decimation.
Turkeys are native (reintroduced) not an invasive species.

Boo hoo, cats are great at killing.
Not quite as good as people, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be stopped.

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A little barking dog is environmentally healthy way to deter turkeys from people. I agree that if you have a pet, it should stay in your controlled environment. Hopefully the returning coyotes will bring balance to the outdoor cat population.

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Surprisingly, TLF has not been defending the Myopia crew. One wonders if they are hoping this will be ignored? What sinister deeds are they hathing? Keep at it, Bruce.

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They were decimated. But they'll be back.

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I don't think all that many wild turkeys are taken during the fall season (until 11/28) around here.

Only data to 2018 is listed so far


Seems the spring take is greater (males), but these stats are only broken down by county for fall (male AND female birds)

Middlesex counts have been rising fast, though.
So yeah, they are doing well despite land development.

Suffolk county isn't even listed.

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If this dog can pull pints at the Erie leading up to election day, he's got my vote.

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Are those acorns or crabapples on the sidewalk near the curb?
Either way, lots of good turkey feed there.

Clean it up, and maybe they won't come around as often?
But I prefer coyotes do the chasing.
They aren't on leashes.

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