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How does that happen? I-93 onramp edition

Car on its side at I-93 entrance near South Station

Tim Colby had a good view of a car that wound up on its side on a ramp down to I-93 near South Station this afternoon.

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Coming out of Congress Street at 65 MPH and trying to bang the right turn without slowing down would be one possible explanation.

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And jerked the wheel. See front right bumper damage and the piece laying on the ground.

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There is a plane where the wall is on the right. I mean, there could be another answer, but clipping that wall and ending up with the car on its left side is the most logical answer.

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You can also see white lines in the pavement where the rims slid

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You must have a really nice-resolution monitor. With the sunshine and the window reflections in this image, all I can make out for sure is the shadows of the clearance warning chains.

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Did the driver drop their phone?

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for some new material.

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For a test that makes getting a driver's license harder than getting a Buffalo Wild Wings loyal customer card

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And most motorists will fail it a few times when they are confronted with vignettes the best multiple choice answer for which involves what the law actually says about bicycle usage of the streets. No it doesn't even matter that this photo is from a highway ramp duh

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once. Dreadful, flabby, pre-cooked and reheated wings with stupid squiggles of dull sauces. Appalling. The city of Buffalo should sue for defamation.

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Was when I was on a road trip in the Carolinas and I wanted to go somewhere to watch the Sox on ESPN. It was, in the parlance of my family after visiting some cut-rate tourist attraction or another on a family vacation, "not one bit worse than I expected".

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on the food-nerd bona fides of my then-new boss, who also laughed in disbelief at its awfulness. Embarrassed, I apologized: “Normally, I never suggest lunch places I haven’t vetted myself first.” Mercifully, I got many chances to redeem myself by dragging him to infinitely-better spots.

That area has a ton of them. It has only gotten better since that late-2017 take. For instance, there’s a stunning new artisanal Vietnamese place, Viet Citron, just down the street from the Burlington Mall. Pricey compared to Savin Hill / Fields Corner, still recommended. Really brilliant banh mi and pho and rolls. Check my Instagram, @mcslimjb.

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