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If it isn't for sale, it isn't Legal?

Boston Magazine reports Legal Sea Food is talking to the owner of Smith and Wollensky and three Strega restaurants about what Roger Berkowitz calls "an exciting new venture."

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If I owned a restaurant of any type that was still afloat, I would absolutely be looking to cash out if I could. Too bad so many independent restaurants were just left to drown.

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Strega is all style and no substance. I was extremely disappointed with the food when I've visited.

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what, you don't like bargain-brand-microwave-italian-dinners being served to you by wait staff dressed in ways that would make a hooker blush and paying $200 for the experience?

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why anyone would have a problem with a Nickie Varano joint? He's successfully made the transition from used car salesman to purveyor of such fine cuisine as broken leg of lamb.

He's not connected though!

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I really don't understand how the insurance industry is getting away with refusing to pay out. I am sure Legal has paid at least million over the years. And the taxpayers end up paying for it so that the whole economy doesn't tank.

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The for-profit insurance companies across all categories exist for the sole purpose of enriching shareholders through minimizing payouts. It’s a giant scam.

During Hurricane Katrina, All State, State Farm and so many other insurers refused to pay flood insurance because the policy was written in such a way that if wind ripped off the roof of your house and the rain flooded your house it was didn’t count as flooding.

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