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ImprovBoston shutting down until at least January

ImprovBoston announced today it is suspending its operations - including online performances - until at least January and that all of its staffers are taking a furlough until then, due to Covid-19 issues.

Managing Director Josh Garneau said that the online programs the group had shifted to in March have simply failed to bring in enough revenue and that managers will now use the next several months to fundraise and prepare for the resumption of in-person shows.

Artistic Director Mike Carr added:

Despite the sadness we all feel in making this decision, we're being given a chance to reflect and make changes to our theater to ensure it is a more inclusive space for all artists in the future. ImprovBoston has had some turbulent periods in its past, and never had the chance to take a step back and heal. We see this as an opportunity to become a better theater than we were before.

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