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The Irish take a look at the Boston Irish

BostonIrish details the episodes of "Gaeil Bhoston," an Irish documentary series. The series is in Irish, but has English subtitles.



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I understand that it sucks to take responsibility for things but she should not have gotten away with “heated rhetoric on both sides.” Only one “side” had parents attacking children. This ridiculous fantasy that it was Irish-Americans being oppressed by the government, rather than racist white Americans resisting desegregation, is as immoral as it is ahistorical. And yet here it is, presented in 2020, unchallenged by the sympathetic interviewer.


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Talk to anyone from Southie who was bused into Roxbury. The reception was hostile at best. Kids from Southie were violently assaulted in Roxbury and many dropped out. A good amount of the hostility came from resentment from kids having to go to Roxbury and then fight for their lives while at school....and racism, lots of racism.

Not absolving the people of Southie for what happened, but the idiocy of forcing the poorest and least educated parts of the city to integrate their schools was maybe the dumbest decision in the history of earth. Lots of upper class whites like to shit on Southie, but they do so from the nearly all white suburbs.

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for posting this story - Fascinating to see how the Boston Irish are portrayed from this perspective. Have watched Episode 1 and looking forward to the others. Good binge material during these strange times.

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Look down on so-called Irish-Amercans. Being half and half Irish-Italian (with more mixed in), the same can be said Italians and Italian-Americans. Especially if your people were from southern Italy and Scilly.

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Oh my goodness Irish language is so bloody beautiful! I rather speak Gaelic than English. People should learn the Gaelic languages (Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, et cetera) - preserve the Gaelic family mother tongues. Make me want to try to learn Irish Gaelic! Cheers!

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