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Jamaica Plain restaurant already trying to survive coronavirus now has to deal with vandals

Canary Square tables overturned

After being shut for 100 days due to Covid-19 concerns, Canary Square at South Huntington Avenue and Centre Street re-opened just this past Wednesday. This morning, co-owner Michael Moxley reports, he arrived to find several of the new tables for outdoor seating overturned:

My small business reopened after 100 days closed. We bought and made all the infrastructure required to comply with Covid-19 with a skeleton staff. We reopened Wednesday to a grateful group of guests. This was done last night to us. Can someone please explain this?



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Seems odd. Must be more to this story??

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Randos commit random acts of stupidity all the time.

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There's a subset of people who think things are reopening too fast, and a subset of those people might be willing to resort to vandalism. But it just as easily could have been typical bored teenager shit.

Get some cameras.

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Then why would you leave your house to do this?

I suspect that it is the usual bored children getting their damage on.

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there's just no excuse for people just going in, destroying property and small businesses, fucking up people's livelihoods, and depriving communities of various services that are helpful to not only the proprietors/owners of businesses, but are beneficial to the communities at large.

Moreover, the vandals, looters, fire setters and rioters out there, whoever they may be, wherever they're from, or whatever they look like, don't deserve respect and sympathy, and they shouldn't get it. They're hurting themselves just as much, because if they end up being arrested and convicted in a court of law, with a possible jail sentence or hard labor, and, especially if they're over 18 years of age, they'll end up with a record that will follow them for the rest of their lives. That could very well preclude their getting any kind of job, education or job training to learn some sort of a skill. In the event that they find that they're stuck and can't get any of those things as a result of having gotten a record, well--they get no respect and sympathy from me, because it's entirely their own doing.

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Likely enough that it's dumb teenagers or young adults that I see no reason to think anything different.

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There are lots of angry or unsavory ways to discuss the ignorance that accompanies this act. But none of that matters really. All that matters is that you and your staff were violated and some person or people felt it was okay to strike at the heart or your efforts. Once again this proves that ignorance and stupidity have no boundary and that any and all of us are vulnerable to the failure of others to stand in our shoes and vice versa.

I hope our community steps up to support you through this assault and you are able to rise above this base behavior. You have been here for a long time and I want to see you stay even longer.

If we cant stop small acts of assault how do we change our community to stop the big ones.

Again I am sorry to see you suffer this affront.

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Sucks to be a small business owner these days. Too many people are intent on making life that much harder for their neighbors who are already struggling to survive. I can only imagine the entitled loser(s) who did this never worked a day in their life.

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initiation rituals for new Antifa members. . . .

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When you can stomp a picnic table, you can board one of the three buses that the "local chapter" is sending out to Charlemont to loot the town.

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initiation rituals for new Antifa members. . . .

It was probably some Trumpies who are offended that the restaurant is following government-recommended (nAnNy sTAte!) social-distancing guidelines instead of cramming all their customers into a small, enclosed space to prove that they don't believe the lamestream media and their hoax.

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you missed the fact that it was a joke. See, because ANITFA isn't an actual organization. . . So I guess you are right about "making shit up"

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You're going to need more proof.

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Just send in the new social worker force that will be replacing the police to prop up people's feelings and take a vandalism report for insurance claims.

What? Insurance companies only take vandalism reports from police for claims?

Oh... well then,,, scratch the claim I guess.

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters?

No one is thinking this de-funding thing through.

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You seriously think that showing up to a minor crime scene hours after the fact to fill out some paperwork is a good use of police resources?

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No one is thinking this de-funding thing through

Apparently not.

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