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Jewish newspaper says it needs $150,000 to stay afloat

The Jewish Journal, which has covered the Jewish communities of greater Boston since 1977, is seeking $150,000 to make up money it expects to lose in coming weeks due to Covid-19-related issues - both the loss of advertising revenue and the need to cancel an annual spring fundraiser. Publisher and Editor Steven Rosenberg said he's managed to make $50,000 in cuts and is applying for emergency SBA loans, but that even with that, the bi-weekly newspaper is suddenly in dire straits.




I’ve made a donation. Let’s help out here people.

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Someone get this to Bob Kraft's attention. He coud make up that shortfall with one check.

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"Print is dead."

They have 2 full time employees and maybe a handful of part timers and need 150k to keep operating thru summer?

Even AFTER supposedly cutting 50k and possibly getting an SBA loan?

Here's an idea; halt paper printing and switch to online only for the time being because if 150k will only get them to summer, Steves gonna be hat-in-hand again in a couple months.

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