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Juneteenth events

The city has a calendar of Juneteenth events in Boston today.

Hyde Park Stands Against Racism, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. outside the Community Center/Municipal Building, Logan Square.

Irish Community Conversation on Black Lives Matter, noon. E-mail [email protected] before the event for the Zoom login info.

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And take pictures of ANYONE who doesn't seem like they wanna be there or if they stick out.

And I'm not talking about undercover police either.

There is a lot of chatter in the 4chan/8chan/Boogaloo underworld right now and tweets and posts have been floating around that may suggest these people are on the precipice of something big and possibly coordinated.

JFC, I know it sounds crazy and I'm no tin foil wearer but I do pay attention to what these idiots say no matter how insane it may sound.

Very unusual and vague signals have been sent via the Trump campaign over the past few days that the REAL vile base is hearing them loud and clear.

I can recognize it but I don't actually speak fluent Crazy so exactly what it all means is still a mystery to me.

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Is the annual Juneteenth celebration at Franklin Park still on tomorrow (also referred to as Roxbury Day)? I didn't see an announcement canceling it when other events were being called off in advance.
Every black person in Boston knows (or should) about this because it's been happening for generations. Usually the rest of the city blows up 311 with complaints about music and crowds while the city sends an ungodly amount of cops to "keep everyone safe". It has been near and dear in many families where we grill, spend time and celebrate the day. I remember waking up super early to make trips back and forth helping to bring supplies. And stories my mom and grandmother told me about past ones long before I was here. *nostalgic feels*

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Clergy United, a coalition of faith-based organizations, will hold a peaceful protest called “Emancipate Boston” on Providence Street in Boston’s Park Plaza today at 5 PM. The protest will begin with a press conference demanding the removal of the Emancipation statue located on Providence Street. In a letter to Mayor Martin Walsh, Clergy United requested the removal of the statue, arguing that it is an inappropriate representation of Black people that reinforces racist thinking.

“Removing this statue from public view is not denying history, but, rather, correcting a mistake,” said the letter. “We know that you support removing this statue and hope you take swift and immediate action in doing so,” the letter concludes.

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