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Kendall Square restaurant/pool hall closing up

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the impending demise of Flat Top Johnny's.

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Bummer. No real reason seems to be given - wonder if new LL was being difficult on the rent.

Was a great place to hang out after work. Very sad to see them go.

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that relies on close-quarters socializing and the use of shared sports or gaming equipment: pool cues, darts, bowling balls, throwing axes, arcade games, board games, etc.

I used to have an office at One Kendall, spent a lot of hours shooting pool at Flattop's. RIP.

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FTJ's has been around more than 25 years and survived the fire and water damage from a couple years ago. Basically, fuck covid.

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Frequented quite a bit before I moved to Boston and when I worked in Kendall Sq. Another loss for Cambridge.

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