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Kenmore Square Starbucks shutting down temporarily for lack of business

With fewer BU students around, the Starbucks at 500 Commonwealth Ave. is calling it quits, at least until next semester, the Daily Free Press reports.




They should let a mini Dunkin open up inside that location. :)

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There's already a Dunkin Donuts less than a hundred feet away, so probably not. Certainly not outside the realm of possibility, of course.

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Much more action on Brookline Ave, Boylston St and Comm Ave towards BU it seems (874 Comm Ave,where the Starbucks seem to be thriving)

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Kenmore has been a dead zone since the Rat closed.

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The beer & wine shop in Kenmore couldn't stay afloat pre-COVID, so it's not so surprising that it's clearing out now. I'm hoping that retail rents crash this winter, and maybe some more useful businesses can afford storefronts, instead of the more boutique places aimed at the wealthy that have been proliferating.

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What wealthy boutiques in Kenmore Sq.? Never seen any, news to me.
I'm worried about Nuggets. I don't think their store is open to the public yet and last time I contacted them about a vinyl purchase they never got back to me.

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Amazing that all that gentrification that pushed out IHOP and Deli Haus seemed to materialize into stores that just couldn't stay afford to stay afloat

Yet that IHOP and Deli Haus were turning a business every weekend. (of course same places in covidlandia would close)

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Not defending gentrification- but have to recall there were about 4 different eras for Deli Haus over the last 10 years or so it was open- recall when they tore the booths out to have DJs as The Underground

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There’s a Dunks at 530 Comm Ave and a 7-Eleven at 532 Comm Ave, so hopefully that will be enough to fill the caffeine void in the meantime.

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OR you could support local indie coffee shops.

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It's a shame they aren't busy enough but it sounds like they were avail for pickup by third party delivery only (I don't think they had order ahead). Students worked there, likely made more than minimum wage from it as part of work/study programs. You also got more off for using your own mug ($0.25 vs. $0.10). I always tried to frequent it when I was in the neighborhood, esp as part of my commute, so they were busy.

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Support our local pub, Cornwall's added great coffee service and morning hours when they reopened.


"We are currently open for both indoor and outdoor dining as well as takeout. We will be serving breakfast lunch and dinner so that our patrons have access to food and beverage for all meal periods."

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