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Kinsale Irish Pub downtown is no more

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Kinsale Irish Pub in Center Plaza, across from City Hall, has shut for good.

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From hosting trivia, to singing karaoke, to the handful of Tottenham Hotspur matches I watched in there (often snagging a meter right out front!). Hell, one of my early Myspace photos was me with my shorter spiky hair handing a cute girl* a gift certificate. Fare thee well, Kinsale.

*No, Pete Nice, I didn't seal the deal.

One of my uncles in Ireland, the only Yids fan in the family, was jacked when I gave him a Boston Spurs scarf from there.

For an Irish pub run by I think, Armenians, who had a good business from an English team traditionally supported by Jews, they pulled a good pint. That's the real America people.


thank you

I worked in that neighborhood 15 years back and would pop in there to a beer now and then. It was nothing special, but it did the trick- and regardless I hate to see anybody losing their jobs nowadays.

Was looking forward to gathering with the coworkers again. Someday.

I always liked that place.

...plus fullest pours of wine. This was a favorite with my crew.

Oh, and the bar stools had numerous hooks for hats/jackets/bags.

Same owner

Was always a delight to get the call on Tuesday to fill in there.