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Last patients discharged from Covid-19 hospital at the convention center

Boston Hope Clap out June 2, 2020

Staffers at Boston Hope, the 1,000-bed field hospital set up in a week in April to handle a surge of Covid-19 patients, cheered and clapped yesterday as the hospital's last three patients were discharged. Being Boston, of course, they also sang "Sweet Caroline" for one.

State officials say that while the staffers will now return to their regular jobs at other facilities, Boston Hope will not be disassembled just yet - it will remain in place just in case the Boston area experiences another surge.

H/t Chris.


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Just in time to make room for the rush of new cases that are inevitably coming. Goodbye social distancing!

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that politicians and police departments couldn't have reformed our justice system back when people first started talking about these problems years ago, so that we could have solved this problem before there was a need for protest during a major pandemic.

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I think you're missing his target? He's joking about the second coming of the virus, no? Not more protests.

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I'm very happy we don't currently need this facility. I'm also very pleased that the powers-that-be are being farsighted enough to keep it intact in case we experience another spike in cases and need it again in the future. The creation and use of Boston Hope were handled very well.

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It's great to see some good news.

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