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At least nine other Iranian students have also been deported from Logan over the past year

CommonWealth reports.

Northeastern University, meanwhile, reports Customs and Border Patrol has refused to tell it why agents blocked one of its Iranian students from leaving Logan and then put him on a plane out of the country 30 minutes after a judge ordered them not to.



It said "Lawyers for Hossein Abadi filed an emergency petition to block his removal Monday night, Patel said. A U.S. District judge had ordered a 48-hour stay, but Hossein Abadi was flown to France despite the order. "

The only non-stop flights from Boston to France are to CDG. There are two daily: one on Delta, scheduled to depart at 7:08 PM, and one on Air France, scheduled to depart at 7:30 PM. On Monday, the Delta flight left the gate at 7:04 and took off at 7:30. The Air France flight left the gate at 9:34 PM and took off at 9:56 PM.

According to the lawyer's tweet, the stay was issued at 9:27 PM. I can't say if the Air France flight was delayed waiting to see if there'd be an order from a judge blocking the removal of a single passenger, but that seems unlikely. Plus the AF flight seems to be delayed on a fairly regular basis.

To me, it seems far more likely that the order simply came too late. 7 minutes doesn't seem to be enough time for the order to be communicated to CBP at Logan and have the student removed from the flight. I don't expect that they'd order the AF aircraft to return to the gate, either.

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According to attorney friends, it has happened in the past in situations like this.

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They confirmed he was on the Air France flight, and the CBP/DHS spokesperson said he was the last passenger to board. CBP at Logan said they didn't have the court order in hand a the time.

Speculation: It probably didn't help that it was late in the evening on a federal holiday; I'd expect that management presence (i.e. someone with the authority to tell ground control at Logan to turn the AF jet back to the gate) was limited.

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... international students attending American colleges and universities has been dropping because of shit like this. Europe has become the place to study now.
This is unjust and just plain bad for business.

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Probably not a coincidence. The places hurt the most by restrictions to and capricious enforcement of laws regarding immigration, tourism, and foreign visitation like international students are overwhelmingly politically and culturally liberal. Just like the cap on deductions for state taxes imposed by the tax "cut", this is as much about damaging political opponents and trying to shift economic power to conservative states and regions as it is about true policy preferences.

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To choose Europe over the U.S. for their education purchase on price alone.

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this is part of a larger strategy to starve universities (foreign kids pay full price) as part of the ongoing republican war against an educated populace, and stick it to anywhere that HAS that educated populace (blue states)

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The number of tough-guy public-facing officers who wear short sleeve shirts on 10 degree January evenings just so they can show off their biker tattoos.

I can't think of any other country in the world where the border police is allowed to show off their tattoos to the public.

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ICE and CBP must be very careful, especially with the media telling us that millions of Iranians are in the streets chanting "Death to America" after their inspirational terrorist leader was neutralized on orders of President Trump. If the student, who voluntarily exited the country first, didn't realize he'd face heavy scrutiny on re-entry, he probably isn't ready for college. Don't forget the Tsarnaev's were so beloved in the community that some of Dzokhar's friends attempted to destroy the evidence. Studying in the USA is a privilege not a right. I would advise those here from the world's largest state sponsor of terror (Iran) to expect scrutiny. One can only imagine the criticism (and a possibly deserved impeachment) of President Trump if this student did something similar. "CBP had him right at Logan Airport and had info to deport him but let him go, now this." The system worked. Enough of the crocodile tears.

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