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At least two injured when chandelier falls at Theater District club

A chandelier at Icon, 100 Warrenton St., fell from the ceiling shortly before closing on Dec. 14, injuring at least two women, both of whom got themselves to local hospitals to get checked out.

The 40-to-50-lb. chandelier didn't crash completely down on the coffee table under it because of a security wire, club attorney Mark Evlogiadis told the Boston Licensing Board this morning, adding that a club manager offered to summons medical aid for the woman, who were also showered with tiles and other ceiling bits.

But one of the two women, who said she was hit in the back, told the board that nobody from the club offered her any help and that she got to a local hospital on her own for what police called minor injuries.

Evlogiadis said a contractor and electrician brought in to go over the state of the club's ceiling and fixtures determined alll the other fixtures were in good shape and that there would have been no way to predict that one chandelier would have come crashing down.

The board kept the hearing open until a later date to let the manager on duty that night testify - Evlogiadis said he could not attend today's hearing because he was called away on a non-ceiling emergency. Among the questions board members said they will ask him: Why didn't the club call 911 after the chandelier fall?



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Thanks for reporting on these hearings. It's surprising all the junk that happens at night that never gets reported ANYWHERE else.

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Was when the Phantom of the Opera played in Boston.

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Summon, not summons medical aid.

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