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Lights, AC blink out around Nubian Square

State Rep. Liz Miranda reports some 2,000 Eversource customers have no power along Dudley Street toward Orchard Park. Eversource's outage map shows outages all around Nubian Square.




My power blinked about a mile from there.

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Outage map (and local tv affiliates) showing lights out in many neighborhoods - Egleston sq, washington park, grove hill etc.

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Does anyone know why this happened here? Not good when it's hot and humid. Last month a lady at Eversource was very nice and let me pay in installments . At least that was good.

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not a total loss of power, just a blink of a second or two, lights unmistakably dimming, confirmed by my neighborhood friends on the same Zoom call shortly after 9pm. One of us briefly lost their internet connection. I can't remember the last time that happened here.

We were playing Sporcle trivia online. My crew and I have been the terror of the Stump Trivia league at J.J. Foley's Cafe for the last several years, Pats-level dominance, but have struggled to win in the online format. I like to think that the one-hour online game vs. the live two-hour game discounts our depth, but regardless, it's still great to get together with the gang on a weeknight. We're living in plague times: we'll take what we can get.

We got historically thumped tonight, our biggest losing margin ever, but still had such fun. I love the hilarious back-and-forth among my buds over meaningless factoids -- no one has escaped dead certainty on a question only to be proven hilariously wrong -- and even when we have consensus, we often miss the obvious, yet are still proud of our collective reasoning. There's nothing like coming up with a seemingly brilliant consensus answer only to realize we'd all misread the question a few beers in. We are all geniuses, and we are all Jon Snow.

My team has crushed so often at the pub that we're okay with being mediocre online. There will be an After Time, and we will rule again. In the meantime, we'll settle for banter among old friends over Zoom, never mind who wins the bloody trivia game.

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More like Neversource, amirite?

I'll show myself out.

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trying hard not to make a black out pun considering nubian square.
[i'm hatian-american]

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We had a weird power outage in Charlestown last night as well! Only half the power went out. Some lights worked, some didn't Strangest thing I've ever seen. Eversource came out and said trees on the lines. Probably only down for 2 hours all told.

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