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Longtime bakery closes forever in Mattapan

Lenny's Tropical Bakery on Blue Hill Avenue

Roving UHub photographer Drew S. reports:

Lenny's Tropical Bakery on Blue Hill and Morton in Mattapan closing after 40 years! Today is the last day. We visited and said goodbye to the staff, the owners are retiring they tell us. Some of the best Jamaican beef and chicken patties in Boston's history.

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Boston's hidden gems are disappearing. NYC does a better job with old time bodega, delis, and ethnic neighborhood businesses and restaurants, etc. I hope as they retire they keep it real.


So hard to find a coffee and bakery shops in the hood, where you can sit down and relax. Very affordable prices. I loved their breakfast. One of the few places serving grits.


Same thing is going on in NYC too...Lots of long time businesses are closing due to an increase of rent or just plainly gentrification. Just going by Downtown Brooklyn or 3rd Ave by the Bronx, Mom and pop stores are disappearing rapidly!!!

So many local places are disappearing. They had a good long run. I hope they closed because they wanted to, not because they were were forced out.


The article says retiring after 40 years!


Yep! Retiring. They definitely weren’t forced out. They own the building as well as the bakery and they’re selling it all.


The owner sold the entire building and they did it because they wanted to retire. Their children were not interested in running the business. I wish the owners the very best.


Since I was a kid up until a week ago I eat a small lunch there. Our Boston is disappearing before us.

Hence why their patties wouldn't be Jamaican.


Not sure where you got that information about a Trinidadian restaurant my brother, but it was Trulia Jamaican restaurant.

So sorry you were misinformed but it never was a Trinidadian restaurant. It was always a Jamaican. Restaurant


That's right the are not Jamaican, I don't even think they are Trinidadian I thought they were Bajan

A bakery is a tough business where locals have to compete with big supermarkets. No days off. Enjoy your mornings!

They must have been doing something right.
Good luck to them.


If when the pot shop opens at 430 BHA, if this place would see a huge uptick in business!

There are at least three Jamaican spots between those 2 businesses, try again.

You could easily say the same not very bright thing about Wahlburgers at South Bay or any number of restaurants/etc... that are the same ~2 miles away from 430 that the bakery is.
Stereotyping neighborhoods a bit because of a street name?

Large and delicious cake slices.

Lenny's had the BEST yes JAMAICAN patties. Too bad. ☹

Love Lenny's Bakery. Moved to NC 15 years ago and every time I come back to Boston or a visit, I always go to Lenny's for patties, coco bread and cheese. Best Jamaican patties in town. Huge loss for the Jamaican community.